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See with the eyes of a child...

Hello friends. I am enjoying a few days on my own personal retreat in France and lots of things are falling into place. Such a treat to spend time on my own. Maybe that's why we call it a re-treat :)

Anyway, I had this visualisation just come to me and I wanted to share it with you.

As you will see from the title of my site, it's 'remember who we are'. Deep down we know who we are but we forgot for a while, for a few lifetimes maybe, but now we are being asked and given permission to wake up and remember. Hooray!

Remember what, you may ask? Remember that we are actually all a manifestation of the Divine, an intrinsic part of 'God', if you are OK with that word. God, Universe, Source energy, Creator, the Great Spirit, the Big Cheese, the Mother of all Mothers! Whatever. They are all just words.

I see God as the loving, creative and powerful energy source that is in everything, eternally, outside of linear earth time.

But how do we experience that when our old software programming (falsely) tells us we are a separate thing in a confusing world of separate things?

We look out of our eyes with so many historical judgements and labels, but my friends, it's a lie! We've been sold a fast one! We've been had! It's no-ones fault. Just part of our schooling here on Earth.

So let me try and give you an experience of how things really are. You may be reading this and already see the world as I am about to visualise, but if not, keep on reading.

This is a visualisation that I suggest you read first and then do, as it involves closing your eyes and it's not too easy to read these words with your eyes closed ;)

So close your eyes and take three deep breaths, mindful breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Settle your shoulders down on each out-breath.

Then imagine a ball of golden, sparkly light out in front you. The ball can be any size - as small as a tennis ball or as big as the sun, it doesn't matter.

See this wonderful ball of light, glowing, sparkling, radiant.

Yup. That's you. The real essence of you :)

Imagine a feeling of being pure love. Allow a smile to form and widen on your lips. It's a wonderful feeling to be pure love. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, just the joy of being.

Then you think you would like an adventure. An amazing and exciting adventure.

As this wonderful ball of golden light, you are going to gently glide into a strange and dense thing called a human body... your human body.

You are now merging with your body, filling every cell with love and with light.

Still keep your eyes closed.

Take another deep breath and then slowly open your eyes and look around the room or space around you. Imagine it's the first time you've seen any of it.

You don't have any names for anything. You dont know what they are or what they do. Wow. How amazing!

Take your time just to look around....

Reach out and touch an object close to you. How does this object feel? Cold, warm, smooth, rough, hairy (thinking of a cat perhaps!)... Does this object make a noise? Can you tap it with your finger nail perhaps? Be gentle if it's an animal!

No labels. No judgements. No idea what these objects do. They are all just fascinating shapes.

Feel that sense of wonder.. You might want to burst out laughing!

Now look at your hands. They move when you think about them! How wonderful. How strange. We seem to be connected to these funny shapes.

Notice your breath going in and out. Notice your chest rising and falling. Something is breathing you. It just happens.

Feel that sense of innocent wonder and awe. All these different shapes, colours, sounds, feelings. Like a baby noticing things for the very first time.

No stories, no past, no history, no future, just this moment of now.

Can you feel that? Is the feeling still there? The freshness, the newness? Has it passed already? It's not easy but this is a glimpse of what we really are.

We are really that ball of loving light, a spark of God and when we experience that, looking out of our eyes for the first time, in a fresh way, we see with the eyes of God.

We are gazing at ourselves in wonder.

It's a home-coming. A Holy re-union. A blessed remembrance.

Welcome back to your True Self :)

- Rob Holmes

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