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Be a lighthouse!

Hello friends. I was meditating this morning and a metaphor came to me about lighthouses.

I visited one once and the experience went like this.... You climbed up steps around and around in circles, slowly getting higher and higher, with peeks of the outside world through tiny windows until eventually, breathless and disorientated, you reach the magical moment where you arrive at the big light at the top of the lighthouse with a 360 degree view of the ocean and land. The long climb up was suddenly all worth it! What a view!

So this reminds me of this re-ascension process, this waking up process of remembering who and what we really are. We seem to be slowly moving up, ascending the stairs, one step at a time, even though it's tiring and hard work. On the way we are rewarded with little glimpses of light, so called 'peak' experiences or 'peek' experiences because we have moments of really knowing what we are, as we peek into the light. And then it goes dark again, but we keep walking ever onwards and upwards, with very little perspective on the light outside until one amazing moment when we see the whole picture, the whole 360 degree view, we see the light is everywhere and in everything. What seemed like a long climb was actually just a moment. We remember we are One with the light. We always were. We just forgot.

So to all of you fellow spiritual seekers, waking up and walking up the lighthouse steps, I send you my love and know we are not doing this alone. Keep going. Wherever you are now is where you are meant to be.

Be grateful in this moment for the movement upwards, for the glimpse and peeks of light on the way and that we are all on our way to fully experiencing and remembering our place in the universe. Always and eternally part of the Light.

- Rob Holmes

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