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Atlanta – my second home!

The Group!

On March 24th I flew to Atlanta again to attend Jamie Butler’s Advanced Mediumship Course. It was another life-changing trip to Atlanta.

I first went in June 2016 to attend a weekend course by medium Paul Selig and also fitted in a reading with Jamie in person. That’s when I first met Maitland and Erik! The reading was amazing. They knew stuff about me and my children that I barely knew! Forget Google – these beings are connected to something much larger and better than Google!

So I returned in March this year for my second Mediumship Course. It was wonderful to meet all the other people on the course, from all over the world. Great to find more of my tribe. The course was great and I learned a lot from Jamie, who has to be one of the best medium’s in the world at the present moment. She is also a great teacher. She lights up when she teaches.

However, there were some fabulous moments outside of the course that really made the trip to Atlanta so worthwhile.

- During a public channelling session I had a hug from ‘fellow Brit’ Grace. So wonderful! Such a calm and peaceful being of light.

- I had a great reading and reiki session with Darshana Patel ( She channelled Neo, who was so knowledgeable and helpful.

Darshana and me

- I had an amazing reading with Laura Boone ( and two months on, I am still absorbing the information I received during this session. Laura seamlessly blends astrological charts with mediumship and the results are incredible. Laura is Jamie’s medium!

Jamie, me and Laura on the LighterSide Set.

- I visited the set of the Lighter Side Show, met Jesse for the first time and Colleen again.

- I meet my friend Stan again, who was the first person to buy and review my Little Drop of Water book. Stan runs his own charity helping children who can’t read, as well as working in a vegetarian restaurant called True Food. It was lovely to spend time with him again.

Stan and me

Overall, it was an amazing 5 days in Atlanta, Georgia. I would like to thank Jamie Butler and her team for all they are doing to bring wisdom and light to the world.

Our world is in a bit of mess, but the only thing we can change is ourselves and Jamie’s team give us the tools, advice and the nudge to make the change.

When we change how we see ourselves, we change how we see the world. That changes the world as we know it.

This brings more compassion, more love and more light and so it spreads. Each light-bulb switches on another light-bulb…

Jamie, you are a flipping big light-bulb! More of a lighthouse!

Thank you to the Universe for helping me to have these adventures and travel the world meeting amazing people.

Me and Jamie

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