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Back to school!

Me, my tutors and fellow students at the Arthur Findlay College

Hello friends, it’s been a few months since my last blog posting and a lot has happened! The big news for me was attending a Mediumship Course at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in Essex. You may not have heard of the college, but for those of us interested in meduimship, it’s like our ‘Hogwarts’, minus the wands, broomsticks and capes!

I went along for a week’s course, not really knowing what I was going to be doing. This was a good thing because I might not have gone otherwise, afraid that I could not do proper evidential readings for people! (Life is so much about overcoming our fears…) What I mean by ‘proper evidential readings’ is sitting in front of a complete stranger who has a desire to have some contact with a loved one who has died and then being able to hear, sense and feel this spirit, bringing back richly detailed information that only the ‘sitter’ could know.

I ended up doing about 3 readings a day for the whole week, taking turns to work in pairs with my fellow 8 students or working in front of the class. It was nerve-wracking to start with, in case you don’t make contact with a spirit or you do but you can’t work out who they are. However the trick is to be relaxed and confident and then the connection is much clearer. If you believe you can, you can, like all things in life!

It is an immense privilege to be able to have this skill / gift. I am so grateful to the Universe / God for this opportunity to do this work. It’s so moving and healing to bridge both worlds and for the sitter, they may have been holding onto so much guilt or have burning questions for loved ones who have passed and this can all be cleared with a good evidential reading.

As we took turns to do readings for each other, I also had my Father, my Grandmother, my Uncle and a close friend all come through my fellow mediums for a chat. That was wonderful.

So we hear about this phrase ‘eternal life’… well being away on this course and experiencing so many spirits coming through with real evidence for their loved ones, it leaves me with no doubt that nothing ever really dies! In fact even the words ‘alive’ and ‘dead’ don’t really work for me anymore. These loved ones on the other side are still alive! They have not gone anywhere. The only thing that ‘died’ was the bodies they lived in, but we are all so much more than our ‘flesh suits’! They are just in a different dimension, in a slightly higher frequency and vibration to our current 3D reality.

Mediums, like myself, are just able to hear, see and feel these spirits in this higher vibration. For me I was ‘tuned up’ in September 2011 on the M5 Motorway of all places (see the About Me section for more about this life-changing event).

I actually believe all human beings are mediums and psychics, it’s just we have forgotten. We just call our 6th sense by other terms, like ‘gut feel’, ‘intuition’, ‘telepathy’, ‘knowing’, ‘light bulb moments’, to name but a few. It’s a standard feature of being a human. It’s our birth-right and our destiny to remember we are inter-dimensional beings of love and light.

So my wish is to become a really good, accurate professional medium but like any new activity, it takes lots of practice. So if you have read this far and you are interested, I need people who are willing to let me do practice readings for them, for free, so I can get better. We can just do this over the phone. I would be very grateful :)

I won’t promise to get all the information correct all of the time (even the best Mediums only get it 80% right) but I should be able to tell you enough about your loved ones that you know exactly who they are and pass on important messages.

For example I did a reading for a friend this week and both her father and an old friend came though to talk with me. I heard the friend’s christian name as clear as a bell and she also told me exactly what medical condition she had for much of her life (fibromyalgia).

As with all my readings so far, it’s an emotional, powerful and wonderful experience to let people on Earth know their loved ones who have passed are very much alive and so happy to connect again.

I am off on another mediumship course next week in Atlanta, USA with the amazing Jamie Butler. I am really looking forward to it and meeting more fellow mediums. One of the best parts of my course at the Arthur Findlay College was making friends with the other course members. We are all on a ‘what’s app’ group and keep in contact every week, sharing experiences and supporting each other. It’s lovely to be with a group of people in whose company I feel totally normal!!

That’s all for this update. I also wrote another children’s book last weekend, but more about that in future updates.

Love to you all.

Rob xxx

Me with my amazing tutors, Angie and Sharon

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