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Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and 2017

Christmas Eve greetings my friends.

This will just be a short post, firstly to give gratitude for all the people and events in my life in 2016. It’s been a transformational year for me and I thank all my Guides and friends for their love and support. You know who you are!

Secondly, I want to reflect on this year's learnings for me. This whole period in Earth’s history is a time of great Remembering and I am very grateful to be here.

Remembering we are more than a body stuck in three dimensional linear time, but actually a multi-dimensional being of light and love. Our souls are perfect fractures of the Over-Soul, which is itself a perfect fracture of Source Energy (ie. what many call God).

We are here to experience the illusion of separation from Source, from God and boy does it hurt sometimes to believe we are separate! It’s like wading through thick treacle at times, but then by contrast, how sweet it is to feel lighter and move into a higher vibration of love and gratitude. That’s duality for you. You can’t experience up without down, or light without dark…

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the multi-dimensional nature of our universe, then take a look at the remarkable work of film maker Reuben Langdon.

He is interviewing humans and Extra-Dimensional beings and it’s such an eye and mind opener! I was just watching an interview with the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective and they respectfully call this life on Planet Earth a ‘game’. We are here to ‘play the game’. It might not seem like a game, especially if we watch a current news programme, but this experience of being a human being with spiritual amnesia, is still a game.

I love the thought that this is all a big game! It reminds me to smile, laugh more and take a lighter walk through life. When you come across the darker parts of life on earth, send your unconditional love to all the people involved – to the perceived victims, villains and witnesses. They have forgotten who and what they really are. They need reminding, silently, through prayers and intentions, that they are loved beyond their wildest dreams.

So go peacefully this Christmas. Walk a light step, talk a light word and remember, we are all part of One amazing universe.

Love to you all.

Rob xxx

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