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Plane Meditation

From ground level, our world and our lives can look pretty messy sometimes or maybe all the time, so this mediation is an invitation to rise up above our everyday self or lower self and see the world from a higher perspective.

So imagine you are sitting in a little airplane, it's just you in the pilots seat and you are an expert pilot.

It’s a grey, overcast day and there is a light drizzle.

You are also feeling a little grey and overcast too. Maybe you are feeling sad or grumpy, lethargic or worried about the future. It's ok to feel whatever you are feeling. There are no right or wrong feelings and we are emotional beings, but let's see what happens when we change our perspective on things.

So imagine now you are taking your little plane down to the end of the runway and getting ready to take off.

Feel the gratitude for being able to fly this plane and know you are always safe and being looked after.

Now open the throttle and the plane gets faster and faster until that magical moment when the front wheel lifts off the ground, followed by the wheels under the wings.

You are free from the earth and heading up into the sky. It's still grey and drizzling and little droplets of water are streaming off your windscreen, but you know where you are going.

There is no one else around today, you are flying over open countryside and you are the only one up there.

As the little plane gains altitude, your begin to reflect on the issues that have been troubling you, feeling a sense of distance from these feelings.

Outside, you are now heading up into the clouds that have been producing the rain and although you can't see where you are going, your totally trust your instincts.

You are still climbing, up through the clouds. Then you notice it's starting to get brighter, the rain has stopped.

There is a sense of excitement about what is about to happen.

Suddenly, your little plane pops out above the cloud and appears in the most amazing blue skies with a bright, warm and loving sun shining in on your face.

You feel elated, even lightheaded and a warm, wide smile breaks out across your face.

From up here, all those worries, fears and problems melt away in the warmth of the sun.

From this higher perspective, every single thing that has ever happened to you, has happened for a reason.

We couldn't see it from down on the ground, but from up here our lives are clearly all part of a much larger and wonderful plan.

A coming together of many souls, all helping each other, loving each over, supporting each other.

There are no co-incidences from this higher viewpoint. It was all perfect co-ordination and synchronicity, all timed to perfection.

Think about the people who seemed to have challenged you the most, who seemed to have hated you or caused you suffering. Could it be that deep down they actually love you very much and they have given you experiences and opportunities that opened up new richer lives?

There are no mistakes from up here. Just perfection, that we often can't see or appreciate from down at ground level.

Bathed in this beautiful sunlight, we know we are loved and supported from beyond our wildest dreams.

We feel a total peace with ourselves and the world. Everything is just how it should be. Nothing in this moment needs to change. It's perfect as it is.

Take as long as you like to feel this sense of divine perfection in this moment.

No judgments, no right and wrong, just unconditional love.

You feel Home.

When you are ready, it's time to gently take the little plane back down through the clouds. You notice it's stopped raining now. The clouds are getting thinner.

You can see the runway stretched out in front of you. You line up perfectly and very softly bring the plane back onto the runway and gently coast to a stop.

You step out of the plane, still feeling that peaceful glow from being up above the clouds in the clear blue sky, when the evening sun breaks through the clouds and shines a magnificent warm, orange light onto you.

You are back on the Earth, but now everything looks different.

Softer, quieter, more peaceful.

You close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your face.

You know you are loved and supported.

You know you are being helped all the time.

You walk back into your life, keeping this serenity and peace.

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