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The Foxglove

I was out walking with my dogs a few weeks ago and pondering the concept of the soul.

I like trying to figure things out! I was trying to get my head around how our souls can be having multiple incarnations all at the same time.

Our logical minds have their uses (at times!) but a lot of spiritual concepts are not really understandable...

However I am very fortunate that I am being helped a lot at this point in my life, so as I was pondering how the soul works, I suddenly stopped walking and found myself looking at this wonderful Foxglove plant.

One vertical stem, with a large number of flowers all at different stages of opening. You could say some flowers are ahead of the buds that haven't opened yet but there is no competition. All the flowers are at the stage where they are meant to be.

This is when it hit me. Our souls are just like the stem of the Foxglove, with every flower being a different incarnation, whether that is as a human or an animal or a plant on Earth or beings on different planets in different universes and dimensions!

Each flower is receiving and experiencing different amounts of light, just like we are in all our different lives, which are all happening simultaneously. (Remember linear earth time is an illusion which humans believe and manifest!).

So, once again nature has all the answers to the big questions. All we have to do is stop, get quiet and feel the light, love and information arriving in our hearts. We know it all anyway - we are just remembering!

Thank you Grace :) xxx

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