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Hello, I am Now.

Hello, I am Now.

I've missed you.

I have been waiting very patiently for you to notice me.

I am here, in these words as you read them right now.

Look around the room or place you are now.

Hello! That's me Now, everything and everywhere.

I don't mind waiting for you to notice me. You've been very busy thinking about all the things you've done in the past and thinking about all the things you might or might not do in this thing called ‘the future’, but all along you've maybe not realised that all this thinking only takes place in the Now!

It's the only time you can ever be in. Now is all there is.

So welcome back my friends. As I say, I’ve missed you.

Now we are getting to know each other again, look how alive Now is.

- Buzzing with life and potential.

- The ultimate creative moment.

- A chance for rebirth in every moment.

Now you see. Now we are reunited. Now we are breathing together.

What is Now? Some people call Now ‘God’, ‘Presence’, ‘Source’, ‘the Divine’, ‘the Beloved’, ‘Life’, ‘the Universe’…

In the end, labels and words are unimportant.

What matters is remembering that there is only ever one eternal moment of Now.

Welcome Home my friend :)

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