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Conceive it, believe it, achieve it!

Here I am giving a seminar at a business exhibition in Exeter yesterday. The 'meat' of my talks are about my business experiences, but I always wrap them with 'spiritual' teachings, including subjects like the Law of Attraction. This talk was about how our beliefs shape our experiences and our lives. We are what we believe.

The car pioneer Henry Ford once said: 'Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't - you're right'. My hope with these talks is to get people to think a little differently about how their beliefs shape their world. Conceive it, believe it, achieve it.

I ended the seminar with a Buddhist quote about service to others.. "All the suffering in the world comes from wishing ourselves to be happy. All the happiness in the world comes from wishing others to be happy'. People (and everything else in our world) look separate to us but actually it's all a bit of an illusion! We are all part of One thing. So when we help others, we are actually helping ourselves. That's why it feels so good.

Thank you to all of you that attended my talk yesterday, particularly to my friend David Solomides who brought along some school children who are woking on a social enterprise project. Good luck to them :)

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