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A poem called Hope

I wrote this poem a few winters ago. Thought it was a good time to post it, now that the Spring is really taking hold. xx


When the winter bites and the snow falls fast

When the ice grips hard and looks here to last

When everything looks bleak and dead

I still hear that small voice of hope inside my head.

Every tree and every flower

Lie dormant, trapped by winter’s power

But even when all we see is snow

Those buds, those bulbs, they seem to know

That one day, beyond the frozen bark

They will emerge from winter’s dark

And feel the warmth of Spring’s warm sun

And see the joy and be the fun.

So take each winters day as it comes

But never lose the hope which runs

Like a single thread throughout the world

And let the future be unfurled

For one thing is certain here on Earth

That out of sorrow comes great mirth

And out of pain comes Spring’s warm rain

So that we can be reborn again.

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