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In April 2018 I received the following script from the Universe (ie. my Guides) for a short animated children’s film! 

After some initial investigation it seems very expensive to commission a 15 min animated film, so I am sharing this story on my website for two reasons; a) you and your children/grandchildren might be interested in the wisdom contained in the story and b) maybe someone out there can help me find a way to get the film made! 


Love to hear your feedback.


Thank you.


Rob x


Wise lady on rock meditating. Nature humming. Birds flying. Flowers unfurling. Clouds passing.

Boy comes along. Sees the Lady. Looks curious. 


B: Who are you?

L: No-one.

B: What are you doing?

L: Nothing.

B: What are you?

L: I am nothing and everything.

B: How can nothing be everything? That doesn’t make any sense. How can something be nothing at the same time?

L: That is a very good question my friend. Come sit with me. I will try to show you.

L: What do you see?

B: Trees, birds, clouds, sky...

L: Good. And what are they all doing, right now, in this moment?

The boy looked puzzled.

B: What are they doing? I don’t know, just existing I guess.

L: And what are you doing right now?

B: I don’t know, asking you questions!

L: Ok, what are you doing before you asked me a question, before you even had a thought to ask me a question. Don’t answer right away, just sit quietly for a few moments. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. 

B: Ok. I am just here noticing things.

L: Great. What things do you notice?

B: I feel my breathing. I can hear the birds. I can hear the wind in the trees. I can hear a bell in the distance. 

L: Wonderful. Now notice all these things again but don’t give them any names, don’t label them. Just notice, be aware.

(The boy closed his eyes again. Then a smile came across his face.)

B: It’s all just existing.  But what is making all these things exist? How do I exist?

L: Ok, close your eyes again and place your hand palms upwards on your knees. Now think about your hands. Keep thinking about them and tell me if you notice anything?

(Pause... ) 

B: My hands are tingling! Buzzing. I have never noticed that before. Are you doing that to me?

L: Not at all. That’s your energy that’s buzzing through your whole body. The energy of life. 

Now open your eyes. See those trees, yes. See those birds?, yes, see those rocks, yes, see those clouds, yes....   they are all buzzing with energy too. It’s all alive, (she said in a whisper).

B: Wow, said the boy. I had never stopped to notice that before.  

Sorry, I have another question - what is making all these things be alive? 

L: This is all God.

God is known by many different names all over the world..

B: Huh, I thought God was a really powerful man with a big bushy beard who lives in heaven.

L: You can imagine God like that if you want. 

B: But how do you imagine God? 

L: I don’t. No imagination is needed. Just look around. 

Look closely, say at that flower. How does the flower know to grow and open out its petals?  

See that bird? How does it know how to fly and build a nest? How does it know how to grow eggs? 

See that tree? How does it know when to drop it’s leaves in the autumn and grow them again in the spring? How does it know to grow roots and drink through them like a straw? 

See that fish. How does it know to swim hundreds of miles upstream back to the exact spot where it was born and lay eggs to make more fish?

B: Is God doing all that? That’s very clever! 

L: Look at your body. Who mends your cuts when you hurt yourself? Who breathes you at night when you are sleeping? 

B: Wow.  God does all of that?

L: God is all of that. There is nothing that isn’t God. You are God. I am God. It’s all God.

B: How come no one told me this before?

L: Because people forget, that’s all. And God likes to play hide and seek. It’s God’s favourite game!

B: So I found God? 

L: God found you. God found me too. God is very patient. 

B: So God is everything. Amazing. Hang on you also said God was nothing, so how can that be? 

L: Not so much nothing as No thing. 

B: Huh, still confused..

L: I will show you. Close your eyes again. Take a deep breath and feel your body, feel your hands tingle again. 

Ok, what do you see? 

B : Nothing of course, it’s all dark! 

L: Yes and what does it take to make this darkness disappear?

B: I don’t, know.


L: Open your eyes.


B: Oh, light?

L: Yes that’s right and light can turn into every colour that you can imagine!


 [Visual. Light moving though a prism, splitting into many colours and then into a rainbow]. 

B: I didn’t know that. Cool. So you mean the darkness is just waiting for the light, which can be any colour, like a rainbow? 

L: Yes, it’s unlimited potential. So the darkness is just a blank canvas waiting for any painting to appear.


 [Visual. Darkness on a canvas, that lights up and fills with amazing colours..]


B: Wow. That’s amazing.


L:  Now, between your breaths, between the birds singing, between the wind in the trees, what can you hear? Take your time. 

B: Nothing. Just silence. 

L: And what comes out of the silence? 

B: Sounds. 

L: Yes, any sounds you can imagine?

B: I love music! 

L: Great, what is your favourite instrument?

B: The piano.

L: Ok so imagine the sound if you press every key down at the same time?

B: That’s a horrid sound!

L: Now imagine a tune being played, one note at a time. What is happening between the notes?

B: Nothing, just silence. 

L: Yes it’s the silence that makes the tune possible. 

Now close your eyes one more time. What does this black, silent place feel like? Breath and relax.

B: It feels very peaceful. 

L: Anything else?

B: It feels like a smile.

L: Anything else?

B: I feel very loved by it.

L: That’s wonderful. So what did you discover about God?

B: God is the trees, the birds, the rocks, the clouds, me, you and everything AND at the same time, God is the peaceful loving space from which anything can appear? 

Wow, God has an amazing imagination!

L: Yes.  (She smiled). 

B: Ok, next question. Why have people created so many different religions? It’s confusing. Some people think they are right and others are wrong. Some people get really upset about it. 

L: Ok, let’s imagine there is a huge sparkling diamond sitting on the top of a snowy mountain and one day this diamond splits into hundreds of smaller perfect diamonds. The diamonds start to roll down hill in the snow. What happens then?

B: The diamonds start to collect snow?

L: Yes the diamonds collect the snow until there is a giant ball of snow around each diamond. And then at the bottom of the mountain are these huge snowballs. Some of these snowballs sit there for thousands of years. 

B: Ok, so what has this to do with all the different religions?

L: Well the diamond at the centre of each snowball is the truth about God and the snow is all the different ways in which humans try to understand God, all the different stories about what God is. 

B: So what you are saying is that God is at the centre all of religions?

L: The Truth about God is at the centre of all religions but it can get lost, hidden and forgotten. It’s not that people are right or wrong, it’s just they only see part of the picture. It’s just their understanding from a particular view point. 

B: How do you mean from a particular viewpoint? 

L: Well imagine you are the captain of a submarine. You are one mile down in the deep ocean and you look out of your periscope, what do you see?

B: Nothing. Just darkness, maybe some at strange looking fish. 

L: OK now you bring your submarine nearly to the surface and look though your periscope again. What you do see?

B: Lots of fish, turtles and dolphins!

L: Great, now bring your submarine all the way to the surface of the sea, what might you see in the periscope?

B: Boats, land, birds, clouds..

L: Yes, so which viewpoint is the truth about the world? 

B: Well they are all true in a way, it just depends what depth the submarine is at. Ok I get it, it all depends on where you are looking at life from..

So with all these different religions, always look for the diamond then?

L: Yes, it’s always there. Sparkling away. Waiting to be rediscovered and remembered...

It’s also inside every human being, regardless of their shape, colour, age, or whatever religion they follow or whatever they believe in or don’t believe in. 

B: Wow, I love talking with you. Are you sure you have the time for all these questions?

L: Yes, all the time and no time.

B: Why do you always speak in riddles! What do you mean all the time and no time?

L: Tell me what you did yesterday? 

B: I went into the woods, collected some firewood and then made supper for my family. 

L: OK and what are you planning to do tomorrow?

B: I am going swimming in the river with my brother.

L: Ok, that’s sounds wonderful so you can take me to a place called yesterday and to a place called tomorrow? 

(The boy paused). 

B: No. They are not places. 

L: I agree, they are not places. Where were you when you told me about your plans for yesterday and tomorrow? 

B: Huh. I was right here with you, just now.

L: Yes, it’s all just now. The past and future are just ideas, concepts. They don’t exist. They are not places. Even when we talk about the past and future, we can only do this in the now. 

B: Wow. Another thing I hadn’t noticed! So there is no such thing as time, just this now moment! 

L: Yes. And how long does this moment last? If you had a stop watch, can you measure it? 

(The boy looked confused). 

B: You can’t measure it with time. 

L: Yes it’s no time and all time.  Eternal. 

B: Ok, so time is eternal, but we aren’t eternal - we all die one day, don’t we?

(Lady smiles)

I don’t know what to believe anymore. You can’t say we don’t die. That’s one thing I know to be true, surely....

L: What dies?

B: Well we do.

L: Who are you?

B: I’m this person here.

L: Show me where this person is?

(He points to his body)

Yes that’s your body, but where are you? 

(The boy looked confused).

Where are your memories, where are your thoughts, where are your feelings, where is the love you have for your family?

B: In my head, aren’t they? In my brain somewhere?  I don’t know actually. 

L: Where is that energy that makes your hands tingle? 

B: It’s everywhere. 

L: Yes, so when your body dies, what happens to all your memories, thoughts, emotions and all that tingling energy?

B: I don’t know. Don’t they all just disappear? 

L: Let’s see. 

Imagine a little drop of water falling from a cloud. It arrives at the top of the mountain and starts to fall into a tiny stream, then the stream gets bigger and bigger and turns into a river with lots of other drops of water. Then the river starts to slow down and eventually the little drop of water reaches the sea. Then after a while the sun heats the surface of the sea and the little drop rises as steam up up into the air until it cools down and becomes part of a cloud again, ready to fall once more on the top of the mountain.

So, can you tell me, at which point did the little drop of water die? 

B: It didn’t die.

L: Yes. And at what point did it stop being water?

B: It didn’t, it was always water, just in a different form or shape of water. 

L: Yes, so just like the little drop of water, the essence of what we really are never dies, it can’t die. It’s not possible for the energy that we are to die. 

B: So our bodies are like cars then that we get to drive around in when we are alive!?

L: Exactly. 

B: And when our bodies ‘die’, what we really are just gets out and keeps going? 

L: Yes and has more adventures. Endless adventures.

(Boys looks pleased and thoughtful.) 

B: One last question. Why does God do all this? 

L: Have you ever made a drawing or a painting?

B: Yes I love drawing.

L: What do you love about drawing?

B: I don’t know. I guess it’s exciting starting with a blank piece of paper and then using my imagination to create shapes and colours. 

L: And from what you have noticed today, who and what are you? 

B: Part of God. 

L: Yes, so God loves creating. This is Creation [waves hand in direction of nature all around]. You are part of Creation.  This is how God knows itself and how God experiences itself. Through you, through me, through the birds and the flowers and the trees and the rocks and the stars and the planets and the galaxies and all the different forms of life in the universe ..

B: Wow. 

L: So now you know.

B: Now I remember. 

L: Welcome Home. 

(The boy smiled. He looked around. In wonder. Mouth open wide. )

B: I’ve run out of questions. 

L: Shall we just sit together then?

And the birds flew by. The trees swayed in the wind. The clouds moved silently across the sky. A silver UFO skimmed across the top of a cloud!! 

And all was well. 



Copyright © 2018 By Rob Holmes




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