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Who are we? What are we?


We are not all we appear to be. 

We seem to be human beings being born and then dying on a planet, floating in a seemingly infinite but lifeless universe. 

We have been conditioned to look at life through our five senses and accept the material scientific explanation of life. 

Most religions are at best confusing and at worst, very divisive and controlling. 

So we are confused and we suffer, a lot. 

But it wasn't always like this. There have been human civilisations on planet Earth who knew who they really were, who lived in harmony with nature and honoured their spiritual connection to all things.


Some indigenous communities have managed to maintain this way of living, but it's so under threat from the materialist world of phones, plastics, money and comfort. 

Thank God though that there is a world-wide awakening happening right now. A time of Great Remembering. 

Until my nudge awake on the M5 in September 2011, I was asleep. Now my eyes and my heart have been opened and life will never be the same again. It's far, far richer and more magical.  

So this is the list I would like my children to know before I leave this body. They don't have to believe any of it, just keep an open mind and investigate the list. Seek out your own experiences with those who have already awakened, those already using their natural gifts of energy healing, mediumship and clairvoyance. Read books, meditate and ask the Universe to show you magic. Be discerning. Be a skeptic. You only have to sincerely ask and be curious. 

1. Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. The world and us appear to be solid, but we are 99.999% empty space.  (Check out Quantum Physics!)

2. We are eternal multi-dimensional beings of light.  We can't die! We were never really born. We are not our bodies. They are a temporary container for our souls to have adventures and to learn lessons. 

3. There is a single source of loving, intelligent energy that permeates all existence and all dimensions. This energy has many names. God, Source, Great Spirit, Universe.   We are part of 'God'. 'God' looks through our eyes at 'God'. It's all 'God'.

4. We were never abandoned by 'God'. We are loved beyond our wildest dreams. We just forgot our connection to all things so that we can learn more about love.  We are all given the chance to practice unconditional forgiveness to others, across all the lives we are living. 

5. I believe there is masses of evidence that the Universe is full of intelligent beings that have been around for billions of years longer than homo-sapiens has on Earth. Most are far more advanced than us, existing in higher dimensions, most not even needing physical bodies.

6. We create our own reality from our beliefs and conditioning. Life changes from 'I will believe when I see it' to 'I will see it when I believe it'. We are projectors and the film we are running is based on our beliefs. When the film becomes more translucent, more light shines through us and life is never seen the same way again. 

7. Time is non-linear. From our soul's perspective, everything is happening now. There are no past lives or future lives, just other lives. The illusion of time is ticked through the third and fourth dimensions so that we can experience one moment at a time, one page at a time, which is a very valuable way to learn lessons and grow.  This now moment is refreshed so many billion times a second, that we cannot perceive it, so we call it 'time'. The future can change and so can the past. Infinite probabilities and parallel timelines stretch out in all directions. Human minds can't process this, thankfully!

8. There is nothing outside of us. Reality is a projection. Life is an 'inside job'. So there is no need to go looking for love 'out there', waiting for other people to give us love, support and appreciation. We are already the love we are looking for! When we meet someone who really loves us, what we feel is a reflection from them of the love we already are. Realise this and discover true freedom, particularly in relationships.

Don't take my word for it! All the above list can be checked out and experienced directly. Seek and you shall find. Be curious and be prepared for miracles and magic.  

These are challenging but exciting times. Each soul lined up to be here at this time. We have front row tickets in the this ascension process. We are so fortunate to be here. We are so lucky to be remembering who we are, to be remembering what we are.  


A spark of the Divine, playing, being curious, being creative.  Infinite curiosity. Infinite peace. Infinite love. 

I honour your remembering. I am part of you and you are part of me. 

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