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Available to buy on Kindle:

Metaphors to Freedom


I am super excited to announce the publication of my first adult spiritual book called 'Metaphors to Freedom'. At the moment, it's just available on Kindle. This is a collection of all my favourite posts and inspired writings.


Since my 'nudge awake' in 2011, my spirit guides have been teaching me using metaphors. Metaphors are excellent rafts across a river of understanding and like a raft, you can leave them behind once you reach the understanding.


Like a finger pointing to the moon, these metaphors are only the finger and not the actual moon, but I hope they help to lead you in the right direction towards the moon, towards freedom.


Freedom from suffering. Freedom from the belief we are a separate body in a universe of separate things. Freedom from the amnesia of who and what we truly are... which is a glorious clump of Divine love and light!


I hope you enjoy the book.


Much love and gratitude.


Rob xxx

This is a sample of one of my favourite metaphors that opens the book...


The Curious Ocean 


The Ocean loved being the Ocean.

It was everything. Complete. Whole. Peaceful. No gender. No agenda. No needs. No desires. Beyond and before any concept of happiness or anything else in fact. Just pure existence. It had always been Ocean. It will always be Ocean. 

Then in one unexpected moment the Ocean had a thought. ‘How can I experience myself?’

The Ocean was curious. Really curious.

And in that moment, two seemingly separate things appeared - a cloud and an iceberg! 

The Ocean knew it was all a bit of a game because both the cloud and the iceberg were all just water, in different shapes. 

However, the Ocean was totally absorbed by pretending it was a cloud! Floating in the sky, moving with the wind, always changing shapes and sometimes more parts of Ocean fell from the cloud in the shape of rain, hail and snow. 

The Ocean also loved the experience of pretending it was an iceberg! Floating along with the currents and tides, changing shape as the sun melted the ice and hiding under the surface of the sea. 

This was all fascinating to the Ocean. 

Even though the Ocean knew that everything was made of water, having the experience of being a cloud and an iceberg gave the Ocean a unique perspective that it hadn’t been able to see or feel before. 

Next, the Ocean created waves, a limitless amount of waves, but to play this game of pretend, of hide and seek, each wave forgot it was part of the Ocean. This was really interesting to the Ocean, because with amnesia, the waves behaved very differently to each other. 

Some waves hated the other waves. Some waves judged other waves for how they looked and behaved. Some waves tried to dominate and overpower other waves... 

The result was much froth and spray. 

At times the storms raged and the surface of the Ocean boiled in anger. 

It was like each wave, deep down, was terrified of believing it was a separate wave, traumatised by the belief in separation, feeling abandoned by the Ocean.

So many waves felt Home-sick, even though in truth they never left Home, they were always the Ocean, but in this forgetting, there was much suffering.

But thankfully over time, the waves did start to remember who and what they really were... This brought much peace to the Ocean - the recognition of all things being water, nothing more and nothing less. 

The waves realised they didn’t need to worry about dying, because in truth it wasn’t possible for a wave to die. Whether the wave became a cloud, rain, snow or an iceberg, it was always water, always part of the Ocean. 

From the wave’s perspective it seemed like a wonderful remembering, a reascension, a reunion, but in truth nothing really happened! 

The Ocean was always the Ocean and will always be. 

For ever and ever. 



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