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Grace's Dream
I was inspired to write this story because of two events.


Firstly I was reading about the seven main chakras, their colours and their main properties and it struck me that our seven chakras can also link to seven dimensions, ranging from very basic first and second dimensions, through the third and fourth and up to the seventh. There are many models for dimensions, but for the sake of this story, I am saying that the seventh is the highest dimension, highest frequency, pure Source energy, pure God-force.  


So it occurred to me that all Souls / Beings are on a journey down from Source to the simplest experience of One Dimension and re-ascending back to the higher dimensional planes. It's my understanding that we humans and planet Earth have recently shifted into the early stages of the Fourth Dimension. This means many people are beginning to remember and become aware of the higher dimensions, like being able to access the astral spirit world (ie. where our departed loved ones are) or seeing energy through the third eye chakra. We are waking up and remembering we were always meant to be so much more than this.

Secondly I was listening to a song from the 1980s by a band called Propaganda called 'Dream within a Dream'.  As I was listening to this song, the following story just flowed into my finger tips...


Grace's Dream 


Another day ended on planet Earth as Grace snuggled down to sleep.


As she drifted off to sleep, she had a feeling of excitement, but didn’t know why.


She fell into a deep sleep and started dreaming…


Grace found herself sitting around a camp fire under the most amazing starry night sky. She looked up at all the stars. She wondered how many stars there were, how big the universe was and how many planets there were. ‘Wow’, she thought. ‘It’s all so big’.


Then two other people suddenly appeared and sat down next to her by the fire.


There was something truly wonderful about them. She felt so much love glowing from them. It was like they were her mum and dad, but it wasn’t actually them. ‘Dreams can be like that’, she thought to herself.


They smiled at her and said ‘We know you like having adventures – would you like to go and have some more?’. 


‘Yes please!’, replied Grace.


‘Some of the adventures may seem very strange’ they said, ‘and some may even seem a little scary, but don’t worry because it’s all a dream and you are always safe.’


‘All we ask is that you come back and tell us all about your adventures.  We can’t wait to hear all about them!’


Whoosh… No sooner has they finished speaking, when Grace found herself on another planet.  


She looked around. Everything was red. ‘Maybe I am on planet Mars’, she thought to herself.  All she could see were rocks. Then she looked at herself and burst out laughing. She was also a rock!


She had never imagined being a rock before.  She took her time. To be honest it was a bit boring just being a rock. Nothing happened very quickly, but she felt very safe and very strong. It was actually quite peaceful being a rock.


Then whoosh, her dream took her to another planet. This one was full of trees with beautiful orange trunks and leaves. 


Her first thought was that it was autumn, but then she realised they were always orange.  This time she was a tree. A really tall tree. Now this was much more interesting than being a rock, she thought to herself.


Grace felt her roots going down into the earth, bringing up food and water. She also felt her roots touching the roots of many other trees. ‘They are my family’ she said with much excitement, ‘we can all talk with each other, even though we don’t have mouths!’.  She then felt herself go all the way to the top of her tree and into the sunlight. It was beautiful.  She just enjoyed swaying gently with the wind.  She loved being a tree.


Then whoosh, her dream took her to another place. It might have been the same planet with the trees, because she could see them all down below in the distance, looking really small.  Then she realised why the trees looked so small, she was high up in the sky. ‘I wonder what I am now’, Grace thought.


She looked to her left and to her right and saw two long wings with golden yellow feathers. ‘Yes!’ she said, so thrilled, ‘I am a bird!’.  Grace had always wondered what it would be like to fly and glide on warm currents of air.  Just hovering. Silent. Powerful.  She really loved being a bird. She could fly wherever she wanted to go. Such freedom and joy.


Grace could have stayed forever as a bird, but her dream moved on and whoosh, she was definitely on another planet this time.  She looked around and in the distance saw a city which looked like it was made of sparkling crystals or diamonds. It twinkled and shimmered in the light. 


Grace was curious to know what she was on this planet. She was a little bit nervous this time.  She look down at her hands and had quite a shock. She had green arms and three fingers on each hand!  She had really got quite used to seeing five fingers on each hand, so it was strange to see only three.  ‘Maybe they give each other High Threes!?’ This thought made her laugh!


She looked down and she had green legs with 3 toes on each foot! ‘How odd’, she thought. After taking some time to get used to her strange new body, she then felt something she had never felt before. She was feeling so much love for everything and everyone on this planet. It was like the love she had for her mum and dad back home, but even more powerful. Wow!!


Grace was OK with being a rock, she liked being a tree, she loved being a bird, but being this funny green alien was the best part of her dream so far. So much love. How could she hold this much love, she thought. Her heart was wide open. She really didn’t want to leave this planet. It felt like home.


Then it was time again and whoosh, Grace found herself in another place. She was falling from the sky, landing gently on the ground and flowing into a small stream. She was rain. She was water, wonderful blue water. Another new and amazing experience for Grace.


As water, Grace felt so much freedom to go wherever she wanted. One moment she was in a river, the next she was a cloud and then she was a rainbow. She felt independent, like she was on her own, but she was always very happy to join with the other drops of water too. They all just went with the flow. Nothing stopped them from flowing all the way to the sea and then back up into the sky again, eternal, always water, always changing, always moving.  Grace loved being water.


Just when she thought she could not feel any more freedom and joy than being a drop of water, whoosh, Grace found herself on a different planet in a different time.  She was sad not to be water, but this did not last for more than a few moments. ‘I wonder what I am now’ she thought to herself. 


Everything was a rich indigo colour, the deepest blue she had ever seen. She looked down and around to see if she had arms or legs or wings, but she didn’t have a body at all. In fact she was totally see-through. This is when it dawned on her that she was just air! In fact she was moving air– she was wind. Now this really was freedom, because as wind, Grace could go anywhere.


She cooled down the hot rocks as she flew past, she made the leaves wiggle and wave on the trees, she held and supported the birds in her warm air, she helped give life to all living things and moved the clouds around the sky.  Grace could not imagine anything more wonderful than being air.  This was already the best dream she had ever had, ever!


But there was one last surprise. Whoosh.  The deep blue gave way to a deep purple, a beautiful violet colour. Grace had trouble trying to work out what she was now.  This dream had already taken her on many adventures to places she didn’t even know existed.  ‘What else is there left to experience?’ she pondered. Then it slowly started to dawn on her.


She remembered so clearly the solid red rock, the tall orange tree, the yellow gliding bird, the loving green alien, the blue flowing water, the life-giving indigo wind.


She was now all of those things. She was in all things.  She was light. 


Grace tried to think of some words to describe this feeling of being light, like being the sunlight, but there were no words.  It was just the most incredible feeling of all. This really did feel like being home.


Grace did not know how long this feeling of being light lasted. Dreams can be like that. 


Then whoosh, she was the light in the flames coming up from a blazing camp fire and then she was back under the stars with these two gorgeous people from the start of her dream. It felt to Grace like these people were like everyone’s mum and dad. They smiled at her and gave her a wink. She smiled back. A big warm, wide smile.


‘So Grace’, they asked, ‘did you have some adventures? Please tell us what you learned?’.


‘I don’t know where to start’, she said, ‘it was all so incredible!’


‘The best place to start a story is at the beginning’ they said.


So Grace told them all about her adventures.


‘When I was a rock, I learned about being patient, about being solid and strong in the ground and about the simple pleasure of just being still.


When I was a tree, I learned about being in a family, about being in harmony and how to get along with the other trees. I also learned about how to create new leaves and new life.


When I was a bird, I felt so powerful and strong. I could go anywhere I wanted and I felt so peaceful to be up high.


When I was this wonderful little alien, I felt so much love for everyone and everything. My heart was so wide open. I could not hate anyone, only love.


When I was water, I felt so much freedom to go with the flow, to join with others and to be water in so many different shapes, like rivers, clouds and oceans.


When I was air, I just knew I was helping so many things to be alive. I knew what they needed and just blew towards them. I was the breath of life.


And then, just when I thought my dream could not get any more amazing, I found myself as light, as part of everything. As light, I knew everything was possible. I made it all happen. Hard to get my head around it, now I think about it!’


Grace smiled and watched the sparks of light heading up into the night sky. She gazed at all the stars and planets. She knew she had been out there exploring part of the universe.  She found her eyes closing…


Whoosh. Next thing Grace knew, she was waking up, back in her bedroom at home.  ‘Wow, that was the most amazing dream I’ve ever had’ she thought to herself. 


She looked out of bedroom window. It was raining and the trees were swaying in the wind, just like any normal day. Then suddenly, out of the blue, a small yellow bird flew past her window and dropped a small red rock from it’s beak. At that same moment, the sun came streaming though a hole in the clouds and as the light shone though the rain, the most wonderful rainbow appeared in the sky.


Grace just watched it all happen and started laughing. Huge belly laughs!


She laughed so much, the tears poured down her cheeks.


‘Maybe I wasn’t dreaming at all’ she wondered to herself, as she gazed lovingly at the rainbow. ‘Maybe it’s all just a dream, within a dream’


Copyright © 2018 By Rob Holmes

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