Peek experience

This partly finished painting is by my friend Martin Brookes. It’s a girl, emerging from the canvas. He has an incredible gift for capturing light and creating portraits. As I looked at the painting it seemed as if this girl was peeking out of a slit in the canvas and it inspired me to write this post today. Like all of us, she is peeking out into the manifested three dimensional world from the unmanifested, boundless, timeless space of the infinite. She emerges, bravely, into this world, into this universe, for a temporary experience of being in a body. And what a strange world this can be! But also, what a wonder! Like all of us, she hasn’t been given a guide book to being human or

Who forgot?

Truth revealing questions, for meditation and quiet contemplation.... Who am I? What am I? Is there anything I know for certain? In remembering who and what we are: Who forgot? When you really get quiet and enquire within, can you find the person who forgot? Can you find any person at all?! The imaginary donut has no middle! Like... The emptiness of a circle. The still air after the wind has gone. The clear night sky after the storm has passed. Who forgot? What a great question.... - Rob Holmes

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