The Tsunami of Light

Hello friends. I hope you are holding onto your hats and doing ok in these times of great change? Today I want to share my latest metaphor for what is happening in my life and I believe for the whole world this year. When there is a large underwater earthquake, the disturbance deep in the ocean causes a strange effect on the beaches and coastline. The water retreats away from the land, further than it’s ever retreated before. It’s like the ultimate low tide. Everything that was normally hidden by the water is exposed in the sunlight. All the rocks, the abandoned supermarket trolleys, old ship wrecks are all suddenly revealed. Then of course the tsunami wave comes along and covers it all up

Remember what?

Hello friends. I hope you are keeping well and staying grounded in these odd times? Keep being grateful and keep your news awareness to an absolute minimum. I have just updated this website with a new page called 'Remember what?'. It just seemed time to list my top 10 things I would like my kids to know and experience before I leave my body or at least before they do. Here it is below. I hope it resonates with you. If not, don't worry. Take what resonates and leave the rest behind. We all get there when we get there. Much love. Rob xxx - Remember what? - We are not all we appear to be. ​ We seem to be human beings being born and then dying on a planet, floating in a seemingly infinite but li

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