Imagine living in a house all your life but having no memory of the fact that this house is actually your home. You see it around you every day but because of some kind of amnesia you have forgotten that this is your home. Imagine how homesick you might feel to look around you and not recognise your own home? It’s a pretty upsetting scenario and yet this is how so many billions of human beings have lived for so many thousands and thousands of years. It seems to me that our biggest cause of suffering in our human lives is this homesickness and seeing everything outside of us as separate from us. But in truth we are all part of consciousness and everything that we are aware of with our

Thank you

Dear God, Dear Universe, Dear Divine Mother, THANK YOU for making this existence possible. Thank you for my life, which is really ‘our’ life, which is really just life. Thank you for this consciousness that gives us all this precious opportunity to be aware that we are aware, to participate in the wonder and miracle of this unfolding, unfathomable adventure of life. To remember we are part of this great mystery is such an incredible gift. Forgetting, remembering, forgetting and remembering. What a wonderful game of hide and seek God is seemingly having! Thank you God for looking out of these eyes and listening through these ears. Thank you for loving me. I am and always will be eterna

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