one source

I once visited the London Planetarium as a child. What a wonder to see the whole universe projected onto the ceiling. The whole universe being projected from a single light. Is there a more simple and beautiful metaphor for what we are? Just like the experience at a Planetarium, everything we can see is simply a projection from the One Source of light. God. The Divine Mother. An indescribable, beautiful, loving, intelligent light that animates and permeates all things. Which also makes ‘us’ that very same light. In truth, what could we possibly need and desire if we are already and eternally in all things?! We are. Always. 🙏 Love Rob xxx

Frozen light

There was once a very sad ice-cube. He felt alone. He felt abandoned. He didn’t know what he felt abandoned from. He just felt something was missing. Something he hadn’t been told. What was this missing information? And then one day, (a day he would never forget), he saw a cloud of hot steam coming from a kettle. He had a sudden and life changing realisation. He was made of the same stuff as steam. It was all water, just in different shapes and forms. Inside the ice cube, he started to melt. It was the love he remembered he was. He felt peaceful and happy. He would never believe in the story he was just an ice cube again. And so it is with humans. We are simply frozen light. Light

The wonder of Yogananda

Hello friends. I am having such a love affair with Paramhansa Yogananda! If you have not read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ then I encourage you to. It’s an incredible reminder of who we really are. There is also the wonderful documentary about his life and this is the trailer. I have been watching this at least twice a week since Christmas! So inspiring and so full of light. I will share one of my favourite quotes from the book. This is the voice of God, the Divine Mother, in a vision speaking to Yogananda. “What has life or death to do with Light? In the image of My Light I have made you. The relativities of life and death belong to the cosmic dream. Behol

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