The rubber band

Hello friends. Here is a fun exercise for you to try. All you need is a rubber band! Some people might call them elastic bands but you know the ones that you can put in your hand and stretch between your thumb and your index finger. So once you have found an elastic band, stretch it out as hard as you can between your thumb and your index finger and hold it there for as many seconds as you can bear! And then let it go back to its natural state and just have it resting in the palm of your hand. Now take the elastic band and stretch it out again between your fingers. This is what it feels like when we believe that we are a human being, just a body, in a world of separate things and we

I spy with my little i, something beginning with I

The great sages like Ramana Maharishi taught a very simple message. That there is One consciousness, One I, but because of the way in which the Ego’s separation software operates, we are confused in thinking the I is just us, our body and mind. We have confused the big I with the little i. And nothing has gone wrong, because we are here on Earth in these bodies to have the experience of believing we are a separate thing in a universe of trillions of seemingly separate things. It’s a wonder to the One, to God, to the Divine, to play hide and seek and see what it’s like to imagine separateness. God is looking through your eyes right now, loving you, loving me and marvelling at all o


Hello friends. Just wanted to wish you all a very peaceful Christmas, full of love and gratitude. I saw this quote today and wanted to share it with you. It’s that constant reminder for each of us to notice where we are not at peace, because like a projector, we will not see peace around us if we are disturbed internally - we project what we believe. So I wish every Being to re-discover that inner peace and remember who and what we really are. Sparks of the Divine, having a miraculous temporary human experience on this beautiful planet. Love to you all and if you are on your own today, I am sending you a big hug and reminding you, we are never really alone. In our hearts, we are al

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