The ONE heart beat.

Hello friends. If you can, take a moment and listen to something we all share. Take 3 deep breaths in and out. Feel the calm that is always there and feel your heart beating. You may hear it or feel it or both. It’s amazing, doing it’s thing without any input from us. Well, I am here to remind you that this is not YOUR heart beat. This is THE heart beat. The ONE heart beat that beats the entire seen and unseen universes. One singular amazing miraculous movement of love that is in every moment moving through all things. And as you feel this heart beat, you can see that you are One with all things. All hearts are beating as One. Wow. Isn’t life incredible that we get to remember this c

Dark night of the soul

Hello friends. Occasionally a new tune comes out and hits me right in my heart and soul. Right now it’s Van Morrison’s new song ‘dark night of the soul’. I have always loved Van the Man and this song perfectly fits what I am experiencing at the moment. A period of my life of intense healing. Maybe it resonates with you too right now? There is a transformation happening through me and those very close to me. It’s so painful, but there is no gain without pain. This is what healing looks and feels like. Lots of tissues needed..... I feel like my heart is being cracked wide open, which is scary but also liberating. I saw this wonderful quote from Martha Beck this week about transformation:

The coal and the diamond

Hello friends. Today I felt inspired to write about love.... So my twin flame adventure continues to be a painful one. I think I know why they call it a twin flame because it burns! Fires burn. But it’s got me thinking today about love and that love is like a furnace. Love Burns. But what I seem to be learning is that love burns away that which is not true. Love burns away all of our soot that we have built up in this great adventure of being in a human body, over many lifetimes. Love burns away all the untruths and misconceptions and ignorance about what is really true. I feel like a lump of coal at the moment which is in a furnace and it’s red hot as the soot is burning off but the

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