The invisible force

Hello friends. It seems my heart has been opened up more in the last 2 days. Maybe that’s what a broken heart really is - a heart that breaks open more. Yes, totally exposed, no security and vulnerable BUT also so alive in each now moment 🙏❤️ Right now it feels like there is a movement of unconditional love moving through all things. I am not doing anything. Who am I? What am I? When the wind blows through the leaves on a tree, are the leaves doing anything, are they making any decisions to move about or are they just moved by an invisible force? Totally surrendered to what is. They might stay on the tree, they might blow off, but there is no drama about it, they just trust in life. E

Love makes reality malleable!

Just as a microwave raises the vibration of water in food and makes it more malleable, LOVE makes our reality more malleable. The more love we feel, the more love that flows through us, the more our reality changes before our bewildered eyes. The less love we feel, the slower, colder and more stubborn life seems. Choose love. Let it flow. It’s our true nature. ❤️ - Rob Holmes

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