The eternal circle of compassion

Hello friends, here is a little joke to brighten up your day! What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? ... A stick! This had me thinking about the nature of giving, which may be quite apt with Christmas coming up soon. We all know the concept of ‘what you give out, you shall receive’. But it seems to me there is a deeper truth about what happens when you give without any expectation of something coming back. In my experience, it’s when I give my time or money or expertise to others without any expectation of something coming back that the Universe notices and returns the gift in so many unexpected ways. So to follow the rather lame joke at the start, if we throw a b

The belief valve

On the occasions when I am asked to give a public talk about my business experience, I always include a quote from the car innovator Henry Ford who said (and believed)... ‘Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right’. Since my nudge awake in 2011 I have come to realise, through direct experience, just how true this statement really is. Our entire reality is governed by what we believe. We create our own reality and experiences through our conditioned belief systems. As babies, we have no belief systems. We are like a computer with basic MS-DOS operating software, which breathes us, mends our wounds and runs our unimaginably complex physical bodies. The

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