I am, the Great Pretender

Hello friends, here is a fun exercise that might make you laugh. Who knows.... Something appeared to laugh through me just now. Have a look around at all the things you see around you and simply say to your self, I am pretending to be a ...... , I am pretending to be a ...... and so on and so forth. Give it a try. Can’t hurt and it’s free of charge :) This is what I noticed... Right now I am pretending to be a human being sitting on an aeroplane. I am pretending to be a seat. I am pretending to be an air steward. I am pretending to be a cup of tea with a meaningful message on it. I am pretending to be the camera that takes the photo you can see. I am pretending to be an aeropl

Already All Ready

Hello friends, if linear time really is an illusion and what we call the past and future are all happening in one simultaneous moment of eternal no-time, then in this present moment we can change the ‘past' and the ‘future’, simply by re-imaginging them! We can change the past by being grateful for all the events that we have experienced and all the people we have met; not only for the great times and the enjoyable moments but more importantly for the times when life was a major challenge. If we can forgive those people that caused us to feel hurt, angry and sad, knowing in our hearts that they were doing the best they could, based on their own wounds and life experiences, then we change the

Amazing sounds

I am listening to this with tears running down my cheeks. If you can, take 7 minutes, put on some headphones, close your eyes and allow these sounds and Thay’s wisdom to flow through your heart. May all Beings on our beautiful planet be free of suffering. May all Beings remember who and what they really are. May we ALL be free. It’s our destiny to be free, however long it takes. I dedicate the rest of this precious human life to helping end the suffering of this forgetting. Love to you all. 🙏 Rob xxx http://youtu.be/E62CBF2pgjw

The Little Submarine

Imagine you are in your own little submarine, maybe it's yellow (choose any color you like!)... and you are down in the darkness of the ocean. Something is not right, you feel off kilter, out of balance. You feel like something is missing, like you have forgotten a truth but you can't remember what it is. What is this world, you ask yourself. Who am I, beyond my name, my gender, my clothes and my beliefs? And then it happens, out of the corner of your eye you see a glint of light coming from above. In all the darkness, there is a sliver of golden light. It fills your soul, it lightens you and something unexpected starts to happen... the submarine starts to rise up through the water, eve

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