Foxgloves and the Soul :)

Here is a short video I recorded about foxgloves and our Higher Selves! Hope it makes sense?! As always, take what works and leave the rest behind... love. Rob xxx

Animated film idea

Hello friends. A few weeks ago I received the following script from the Universe (ie. my Guides) for a short animated children’s film! After some initial investigation it seems very expensive to commission a 15 min animated film, so I thought I would share this today for two reasons; a) you and your children/grandchildren might be interested in the wisdom contained in the story and b) maybe someone out there can help me find a way to get the film made! Love to hear your feedback 🙂 Thank you. Rob x Animated film - 'Remembering' - by Rob Holmes Wise lady on rock meditating. Nature humming. Birds flying. Flowers unfurling. Clouds passing. Boy comes along. Sees the Lady. Looks curio

I Am = We Are

Loving being back home again after a busy week in Atlanta. I have been reflecting on what I feel is a core truth, that ‘We Are’. Yesterday was Professor Stephen Hawking’s memorial service in London. In his amazing life he wondered if he could find one unified theory to explain the mysteries of the universe, a single equation to explain everything. I have a feeling that from his new perspective now he might have formulated the equation he has been searching for. I Am = We Are So simple and yet so complex . . . beyond human understanding. Sending my love to Stephen and his family. May his and all our adventures continue to bring joy and wonder to all. - Rob Holmes

The Centre for Love and Light - Atlanta

Hello friends. I have just returned from my third annual pilgrimage to Atlanta, USA to see my friends at the Centre for Love and Light. As always, it was an incredible, mind-blowing and life-changing visit. I had readings with Jamie Butler, Darshana Patel and Laura Boone. They truly are three of the most gifted psychic mediums alive on the planet today. Not only that, but they are all such big hearted, wonderful lighthouses, shining brightly. These three readings helped me join up about 6 years worth of dots and I am so grateful to really know what I am here to do and how I am going to show up in world over the coming years. I highly recommend readings with them and with

Thank This for This

Words are so limited. They limit reality to concepts. Words are buggers. Words are liars. But words can also be a sign post to truth and freedom. Words can have great power imbued within them. Words can be like keys to unlock doors we didn’t even know we had. Perhaps Grace is the locksmith. So how do I say ‘thank you God for everything’ and speak the truth? Where is the ‘I’ that speaks the words? Where is the ‘you’ I am thanking? ‘You’ suggests there is a ‘me’, thanking ‘you’, God. But there is only me. There is only God. In a way God is thanking God! (No better love than self-love!) If any words were needed at all, the best combination I’ve found so far is.. ‘Th

Finding your inner donut!

Looking to find a separate sense of self inside of us is like a ring donut trying to find a solid centre! In both cases, all that can be found is empty space, peace, mystery and wonder... This formless, timeless space is our true nature and as such, we are in all things. Discovering this is the Home-coming we have been dreaming of. - Rob Holmes

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