The Theme Park

Imagine finding yourself at the entrance to the most amazing theme park of your life. You are standing at the gates feeling a mixture of trepidation and excitement. Then it’s suddenly your turn and you are let in. You are given a map of the park, but no other instructions. So what do you do next? Some people head to the restaurant located just inside the Park entrance, to get a drink, sit down and take a good look at the map. Some people take a look at all the experiences available in the Park, the roller-coasters, the adventure rides, the simulation rides and a massive fear arises in them. Their ancient survival instinct kicks in, so they put the map back down and order another drink. Some


Believing your thoughts to be you and true is like expecting a cloud to feel like a pillow!

Unplugging the Ego’s power cable

The Ego isn’t real. This sense of being a separate body in a world of separate things is not true. But how do we see this trick for what it really is? A trick of the mind. Well the first step is simply to stop and notice. Noticing is your ticket to freedom. Noticing isn’t freedom itself but it does open the door to freedom. Notice how the Ego operates . . . Any thought that arises which judges others for what they say, what they look like, what clothes they wear, what car they drive. Any thought that arises that suggests you are not good enough, not lovable enough, too fat, too thin, too broke, too rich, too weird. That is the Ego believing a set of thoughts which arise and pass

Just passing through

I was walking through this field earlier in the week with the dogs on their leads, due to all the sheep and lambs. The Mummy sheep looked worried to see the dogs and started to back away. So I said to them... ‘there is nothing to worry about, we are just passing through’. As I said these words I realised a deeper truth. A smile. Peace. At a deep, fundamental level, there is nothing to worry about. That which we really are cannot be altered or effected by anything external, anything ephemeral that comes and goes, that rises and falls. We are just passing through, like a wave that moves across the surface of the ocean. In these amazing human forms we are just passing through this

The Curious Ocean

The Ocean loved being the Ocean. It was everything. Complete. Whole. Peaceful. No gender. No agenda. No needs. No desires. Beyond and before any concept of happiness or anything else in fact. Just pure existence. It had always been Ocean. It will always be Ocean. Then in one unexpected moment the Ocean had a thought. ‘How can I experience myself?’ The Ocean was curious. Really curious. And in that moment, two seemingly separate things appeared - a cloud and an iceberg! The Ocean knew it was all a bit of a game because both the cloud and the iceberg were all just water, in different shapes. However, the Ocean was fascinated by pretending it was a cloud! Floating in the sky, moving wi

No one, nowhere

No one to be Nowhere to go Just complete trust In this Divine flow. No one to be Nowhere to go No future worries You’ll know when you know. No one to be Nowhere to go Remember to smile And enjoy the show :) - Rob Holmes


Dear God Aim me where I'm needed. Thank you. Amen.


So wonderful out in the woods today. Something very special about Spring. There is no rushing nature - it all unfolds exactly as it’s meant to. And as part of nature, we also metaphorically unfold just as we are meant to. It all just happens, magically, with absolutely no effort. Xx

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