The Still Point

Do you remember those old fashioned merry-go-rounds with the horses? Some fairgrounds still have them. Sitting on the horses, you go up and down and round and round. Life can feel very much like this, with moods, emotions and events taking us up and down all the time. Just when you think life is all calm, something happens out of the blue and off we go again. It can leave you feeling dizzy, this human drama roundabout of life. But . . . Did you ever stop to notice that the middle section of the merry-go-round doesn’t move, it doesn’t go around, it’s totally still, totally fixed in position? In recent weeks I have come to recognise and experience that there is a part of ‘me’ that is totall

‘That Thou Art’

‘That Thou Art’ God creates through us. God paints through us. To directly experience this now, read these words and then close your eyes. Do you see that inky black canvas? It’s the canvas of infinite possibility. It might seem dark, but it’s actually pregnant with potential. God is getting ready to paint. I wonder what will appear? But before you open your eyes, feel the quality of this dark canvas. Take three really good deep breaths, letting out the air as slowly as you can. Feel your shoulders sink down with each out breath. Can you feel the peaceful silence? Take your time. Feel the Presence. This is what you are before thought, before form, before concepts, before stories, before pain

The perfect theme tune for this website...

If my website and spiritual journey needed a theme tune, it would be this beautiful song from Omkara. Enjoy and keep remembering. Remember who you are by Omkara This life is just a dream. It'll be over in a blink of an eye. Remember who you are. Remember what you are. Whose life is this? Whose hands are these? Whose voice is this? What am I? This life is beautiful. This life is horrible. This life is wonderful. And this life is just a dream. A dream made of love. Remember who you are. Remember what you are. Remember, you are before. Before this questions. Before the answer. Remember, you are before. Before everything. For more music by Omkara, see an

Is silence God's favourite sound?!

Hello friends. I have gone a bit quiet recently because I felt another shift in my Being a few weeks ago and I am taking all the time I need to settle into it. Here is one simple way of illustrating this change. My previous partner joked about me that I led my life with the mantra: 'Go large or go home'. She was spot on! For example when I bought a trampoline for my kids a few years ago, I bought the largest one I could find on sale in the UK! I joked back that perhaps my gravestone could have the words: 'Rob Holmes. Went large. Gone Home'. However, if I did have a gravestone, it might now say. 'Rob Holmes. Went quiet. Felt Home'. Love and blessings. xxx

The inflatable universe

God is to the universe as air is to a balloon. The invisible, formless, silent, timeless and infinite force that gives rise to all forms and all things, that gives rise to the illusion of trillions upon trillions of seemingly separate objects and yet, this loving, joyful, compassionate force is on top, inside and behind everything. In a sense it’s an inflatable universe. The true essence of who and what we are is the air that gives the balloon it’s apparent shape and form. This air performs constant miracles. Awakening is the knowing of the balloon (the universe) to be both real and an illusion. Remembering what we are is the knowing of our true nature as One timeless, formless, pl


Hello friends. Last night I was watching the full moon in all it’s glory when something unexpected happened. A cloud in the shape of an oyster drifted over the moon and for a few moments there sat in the middle of the oyster a perfect sparkling pearl. Then the cloud moved by and the pearl dropped out of the oyster. I was spell-bound! It reminded me to thank the grain of sand, the grit that made it possible for the pearl to grow. Human beings have a lot of grit to deal with! Life throws everything at us - loss, heartbreak, death, illness... But the symbology of the oyster reminds us that without the grit, the pearl could not exist and without all the challenges we face in life, we would n

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