What never changes..

There was once a young boy who loved the magic of the theatre, movies and books. But he was a curious boy and wanted to find out where the magic came from, so one night he crept out of his house and first he came across the local theatre. It was all closed up but he found an open window, climbed in and crept onto the stage. But the stage was bare. No actors, no sets, no lights, no sounds, just bare wood. He was disappointed. Nothing was happening. Next he went to the back of his local cinema, found a door ajar and sneaked into the auditorium. It was deadly quiet. Not a soul about. He looked at the huge white screen but there were no images and no sounds. ‘Where is the magic?’, he thought


Two days ago I met a very wise person called Dorothy. She might have been the wisest person I've ever met. She held onto my little fingers and looked right at me, right into my soul. She knew everything there was to know about the Universe. Nothing she could see had names yet, they were all just amazing things. No labels, no judgements, just things, all wondrous and connected. I wish I could have asked Dorothy so many questions but a) I didn't need to and b) she is only 5 months old. Next time you meet a baby, take a good look into those eyes and see the whole universe unfolding. - Rob Holmes


Inside every being, there is God, playing hide and seek. In one moment of grace, God sees me become aware of this, smiles and winks, but gives me the silent shhhh. Perhaps It’s not this person’s time to remember yet, so I have to keep quiet. Grace knows when to come. Trust that. God plays hide and seek in us and all things. It’s a good game and God is very good at disguising itself. And what happens when the game’s up? We are Home again, a Home we never left. Home with God. God is Home. In the blink of an eye we are back where we never left. What a strange and painful dream that was. Thank God it was just for a while. - Rob Holmes (thank you Mooji for your wisdom, love and invitation b

Spring is here...

The whole human race has been in hibernation for long enough now... like the bears in spring, it’s time to wake up out of hibernation and remember who and what we really are. It’s time to move to the next stage of the remembering/forgetting game - the remembering part! So to all the bears who are stirring in their caves and coming around, welcome back. Time to stop dreaming and time to integrate the nightmares - the illusion of separation takes us all to dark places, to dark caves where we feel abandoned. But, and this is the absolutely wonderful news, we were never abandoned. Our divine spark was always there shining like a diamond, twinkling in the darkness, just like the stars do in t

We are the Ocean

So, one wave doesn’t like the other wave. It’s an old story. It blames the other wave for the reason it is feeling sad and angry. So for a while the storm rages and the waves go up and down and there is lots of froth and spray. But eventually the storm subsides, the waves get smaller and return back into the ocean. Of course the waves were always part of the ocean, but in the middle of the storm they had forgotten this. Remembering this brings peace, once again. But even in the height of the storm there was a calm place in the ocean, deep down, untouched by the noise on the surface. Can we remember this, can we touch into this place of peace? We can if we make sure we take some deep b

The fish who didn’t believe in water

Hello friends. I enjoy writing children's stories and this one is called 'The fish who didn't believe in water'. It's about how we can fail to see the truth right under our noses, the truth that is all around us, the energy that connects us all together. I hope you enjoy it. One day I will get the illustrations done and print the book. Love. Rob xxx "The fish who didn’t believe in water" There once was a fish called Bizzy. Bizzy knew he was a fish. He had read this in a book. This book had told him about all the different kinds of animals living the sea. He liked this book because it gave him names for all the other animals he saw. He believed he was different to all the other anim

God likes to play hide-and-seek

Hello friends. I was deeply touched by how many people have liked my recent Facebook post. It would seem that the truth rings like a bell in so many hearts. The truth is simple but as one person commented, with all our social conditioning, the grip of the Ego personality and 10,000 years of Dark Ages, there are a lot of onion layers to peel away to discover the truth of what we are. But, if we feel so inclined, we keep going, one layer at a time. I see the truth like a shining diamond in the centre of our being and the more layers we peel back, the more the light starts to shine through, the more luminescent the layers become... and we remember who we are. Tonight I wanted to share with you

The Truth is simple

I am not a wave. Simply ocean. I am not a cloud. Simply sky. I am not a human. Simply God. I am not separate. Simply One. I cannot die. Simply eternal. I am not in time. Simply timeless. I am not a shape. Simply formless. I was not born. Simply always. I am not my self. Simply Self. I am not aware. Simply awareness. I am not in bondage. Simply free. I am not dark. Simply light. I am not war. Simply peace. I am not fear. Simply love. So why do human beings make it all so flipping complicated!! The truth is simple. - Rob Holmes

Golden light

Bantham beach today. Beautiful light. Love this amazing planet. Xxx

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