What am I?

I am not a cloud. I am the sky. I am not a wave. I am the ocean. I am not a body. I am a no-body. I am not a thing. I am a no-thing. I am not limited. I am un-limited. I am not bound. I am boundless. I am not mortal. I am eternal. I am not words. -

Forget spiritual amnesia, try human amnesia!

Like me, do you want to remember who you really are? Do you want freedom? Do you want to see with fresh eyes, innocent eyes, a world beyond the personal preferences, judgements and limitations of the Ego mind? Do you want to wake up? If you truly answered yes to all these questions, then read on… (Just to say first, using words like ‘me’, ‘ you’ and ‘I’ reveal where me, this human man typing, who goes by the name of ‘Rob Holmes’ is at! I am where I am. He is where he is. In a process of remembering… Words can be clumsy and un-workable describing this process, but ‘I’ will have a go…) My passion is waking up and sharing thoughts and experiences with other fellow beings that are also waking u

The mirror to freedom

Here is a fun exercise for seekers of truth and freedom. Imagine a mirror on the wall in front of you with a nice chunky wooden frame. You may have one just like this. Stand in front of the mirror and what do you see looking back at you? Who is that? What is that? ‘It is me’, you might say, but is that really true? It’s just a reflection of your face. It might as well be a photograph or a painting. Is a photograph or a painting of you actually you? Surely It’s just an idea, a thought, a concept, a snap shot, a freeze-frame of an ever changing part of life. Now imagine taking the mirror off the wall, removing the mirror part and so you are left with just the wooden frame, no backing, jus

The Ego roundabout

Our very strong sense of a separate ‘I’ has an incredible momentum in most people’s lives. We didn’t start off the way as a baby. There was a stage when everything was all One amazing thing, coming and going in front of us. We were full of Wonder. Then we started to feel this sense of ‘I’ and began building up a list of what we are not. That is a chair. I am not a chair. That is a dog. I am not a dog. And then the Ego roundabout started slowly spinning, gaining more and more momentum until as adults we live with a strong sense of separateness from everything we perceive. We are this and everything else is that. Along with this spinning momentum comes thoughts, a constant stream of commen

Your Team Un-Seen

Many of you reading these words will be well aware of how you are being helped by a Team mostly un-seen (some people can see their Guides), who nudge us, guide us, support us, gently direct us and above all love us just as we are. Our Team Un-seen doesn’t need you to believe in them. They know who they are! The question is, do we know who we really are?! Well, many of us are beginning to remember and are waking up. Hooray :) If you are reading this posting then the chances are you are remembering too, starting to remember or just have a strong feeling that there is more to this three-dimensional existence than we’ve been told! It starts like an itch and it won’t go away. So in this mo

A trick of the Light

Being a spiritual seeker can be like running around at night with a bright torch, looking for the torch, seeing the light wherever we are looking but forgetting that we are actually the source of the light. In truth we are the torch. We are the light. We were holding it all along. It’s within us. We were seeking the truth outside of us but everything we see, smell, hear, touch and taste of is just a trick of the light. Can we accept the deep invitation to freedom and notice that there is no-one holding the torch? There is no torch either. There is only a seamless presence. Then we get to experience that we are every-thing and we are no-thing. Unlimited. Eternal. Boundless. - Rob Holm

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