What movie are you projecting?

Most people know how a movie projector works, right? When it’s switched off there is no image, nothing. Then a light comes on and in the old days, it shone through frames of film. Nowadays, the light shines through some clever bit of digital technology but the result is the same – the illusion of a moving image projected onto a screen. There are 3 components to this process and let’s go with the old fashioned projectors with film, as it’s easier to imagine. 1. The light bulb. 2. The film. 3. The screen. All very simple. But have you ever stopped to realize that we are also projectors? Bear with me friends. This metaphor could change your perception of life forever. It's only when we stop t

God in different shapes

Everything we see around us is all built from the same fundamental building blocks. A wonderful loving energy is powering it all. This energy, this magical vibration is what many of us call God (or Source or the Divine or the Universe). So that means then that everything is God, including us humans. But it's not easy to see this in our everyday lives, especially if we watch the news programmes! I mean, can all those people who do unkind and horrid things to others still be God? My answer is yes, but they have forgotten and are simply unconscious at this moment to the truth. Love them anyway. So I have a little trick I wanted to share with you that I use to help me see the world in a diff

We are all Light :)

In this video I use the physical metaphor of a fibre optic light to explain how the soul operates and how powerful humans are when they all act together. Enjoy!

This is my first ever video!

First time, first take, in one take! I am quite proud of myself! There are subtitles for this film, if you click on the subtitle button under the image.

How to make a yin-yang smoothie!

Select all your favourite light ingredients, such as love, peace, happiness, contentment, compassion, gratitude and abundance. Then select your not so favourite darker ingredients, such as fear, jealousy, not feeling good enough, anger, grief and sadness. Then start to blend all the ingredients gently together and remember that you are experiencing life through this human body, with all the range of human emotions. Let all the ingredients be present, without judgement. And as you keep gently blending, around and around, feel the love lightening your smoothie, soothing your smoothie, integrating and accommodating All There Is. In truth we are that wonderful blend of light and dark,

Soul Camping

Hello friends. First let me say something important. This 'Remember Who We Are' blog is about ALL of us waking up and remembering who we really are - so much more than just this wonderful invention of skin, bones and blood! So I would love to hear YOUR stories about your own remembering journey. We are all in this together and the more support we have, the easier it is. We are all One, but most the time we don't act like it! Your waking up is my waking up is our waking up. So I am just back from 24 hours camping in Dartmoor National Park, here in Devon UK. It's been well over a year since I last camped there and I won't leave it so long next time. As you will see from the photos, I ha

Being a parent!

Hello friends. I am very fortunate to be a father to four incredible children, aged 11, 14, 18 and 20. Two years I got divorced from their mother, after 20 years of a marriage that was quite challenging at times and the day we told the children was, to date, the worse day of my life. Even more upsetting than watching my Dad, aged 51, take his last breath. It’s really hard, parenting. Trying to do the best for your children whilst also looking after your own sanity and happiness. It’s a tricky balancing act with many compromises having to be made along the way. It’s not been easy for any of us adjusting to post-divorce life, but I think we are all eventually finding a new rhythm. I am so pro

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