Letting go

This morning I have been watching the leaves falling in my garden. Some let go because they are ready. Others seem nervous but then a gust comes and they give up holding on. The Autumn or Fall reminds us a number of important lessons and truths. First, those golden leaves are a reminder to be grateful for the miraculous birth we had in the spring and for the joy of the warm summers. Grateful for our community of friends and fellow leaves that we hang out with. Second, we are asked to confront our fears and to let go. To TRUST that we are always safe, loved and cared for. Surrender is not easy but the potential rewards are enormous - total freedom. Like the leaves falling onto the grass,

Life is continuous...

Hello friends. Believing we are only a body causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. We all know a body 'dies' one day, so logically that means we 'die' too. But in my experience, we are so much more than our physical bodies and the real us never dies. It's just not possible. Eternal life is a standard feature, not an optional extra. If our bodies were simply a car that we drive around in, then when the car, the body is done, we the drivers, get out! We don't stay in the body. Once the life force has gone, we can't stay in the body. The power goes out and it's time to fully return Home, although I believe only a very small percentage of what we really are is in our bodies. Imagine plugging a s

My cat 'Tiger' seems like a Buddha to me :)

Two days ago, I imagined myself as him, looking through his eyes and began to laugh so hard as this insight and realisation hit me - 'he doesn't even know he's a cat!' Can you even begin to imagine the freedom in this purview of life (purr view - good accidental pun that!). Tiger has no names for anything, no labels, no judgements and no past or future. Everything happens now. There is no story, just things moving or not moving in his awareness. He is awake with no story. What freedom. Try and manage 30 seconds seeing the world through a cat's eyes.... no labels, no past or future - the space this creates can be so peaceful. Like looking at the world with the innocence of a baby. The e

See with the eyes of a child...

Hello friends. I am enjoying a few days on my own personal retreat in France and lots of things are falling into place. Such a treat to spend time on my own. Maybe that's why we call it a re-treat :) Anyway, I had this visualisation just come to me and I wanted to share it with you. As you will see from the title of my site, it's 'remember who we are'. Deep down we know who we are but we forgot for a while, for a few lifetimes maybe, but now we are being asked and given permission to wake up and remember. Hooray! Remember what, you may ask? Remember that we are actually all a manifestation of the Divine, an intrinsic part of 'God', if you are OK with that word. God, Universe, Source energy,

Be a lighthouse!

Hello friends. I was meditating this morning and a metaphor came to me about lighthouses. I visited one once and the experience went like this.... You climbed up steps around and around in circles, slowly getting higher and higher, with peeks of the outside world through tiny windows until eventually, breathless and disorientated, you reach the magical moment where you arrive at the big light at the top of the lighthouse with a 360 degree view of the ocean and land. The long climb up was suddenly all worth it! What a view! So this reminds me of this re-ascension process, this waking up process of remembering who and what we really are. We seem to be slowly moving up, ascending the stairs, on

Forgiveness is the rocket fuel to peace

I did a reading for a friend today and the theme was forgiveness. Forgiveness for ourselves and others, whilst not always easy, can produce such a feeling of lightness and peace of mind. It helps us to see our lives from a far higher perspective, rather than the messy perspective we most often see at ground level. So this was the quote I received today during the reading: "Forgiveness is the rocket fuel to peace" Makes you think, doesn't it?! I am fuelling my rocket! Peace here I come :) Love to you all. Rob xxx

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