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“Spiritual awakening is a remembering. It is not becoming something that we are not. It is not about transforming ourselves. It is not about changing ourselves. It is a remembering of what we are, as if we’d known it long ago and had simply forgotten”.

Adyashanti. ‘The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment’.

Hello. Welcome to my website. My name is Rob Holmes. 


Up until September 2011, I was living under the (false) assumption that I was some kind of separate ‘biological tube’, trying to make money, doing all the usual things human’s do and suffering from all the desires of my restless Ego.

Until we start to become more conscious, we are all driven automatically by our childhood programming, so most of us spend our adult lives looking for love, appreciation, safety and validation from outside of us. (It's like trying to stand under the end of a rainbow - impossible!)


But one day, while I was driving along the M5 motorway in Devon, totally out of the blue I felt a huge shift in my Being. It was like I stepped into a shower of perfect unconditional love. It only lasted 20 seconds, but during this amazing moment, I felt totally loved and part of One wonderful connected universe - the Home-coming tears poured down my cheeks.


Something woke up in me.

I then spent 4 years trying to work out that had happened to me, because my life was never the same again. What a wonder to wake up. I didn't even know there was something to wake up to!  And I have come to realise that I was looking in 
the wrong place for love and appreciation - happiness is an inside job! Everything is an inside job! It turns out I was the love I was looking for :)


So now I believe we are all on never ending spiritual journeys of awakening. And wherever we are individually in this journey, right now, it's the perfect place for each of us. It's all unfolding beautifully.


If you are suffering and unhappy in this moment, maybe this is the crappy mud from which a wonderful lotus flower is about to emerge. Suffering is often the rocket fuel to waking up. 

I am so incredibly grateful to ‘God’ for playing hide and seek in all things, including ‘me’, because the remembering is so much sweeter for the forgetting. God, Universe, Source, Spirit, Life, Consciousness . . . they are all just words for the same mind-blowing, loving intelligence that makes all things experienceable. 


The aim of my work is to share this awakening journey with others, to let you know you are not alone and that it’s happening to more and more people.


One lightbulb switches on another lightbulb and that’s how the remembering spreads.

In a future now moment, if I ever need a business card and a job title, it might read:














So, for those of you reading this who would prefer a short version of the my story so far, here you go…

Born 20th July 1969 on the day Neil and Buzz landed on the moon : Went to school in East Sussex & university in Devon :  Opened a nightclub with my Dad : Got married : Cremated my Dad after he died from cancer, aged 51 : Started a baby sleep products company : Had four amazing children : Sold nightclub: Had an unexpected spiritual awakening while driving on the M5 motorway in 2011 : Sold baby products company : Started writing children's books : Moved to a new home : Got divorced : Created this website and blog : Aiming to get a publishing deal for 'Master Owl' and 'The Little Drop of Water' in 2022 : Started Master Owl's Mindfulness Tour of Devon Primary schools in 2021  - so far, 5,000 children taught mindfulness, 600 Master Owl books sold so far at the schools:  Self published 'Metaphors to Freedom' book on Amazon worldwide July 2021. 

It’s ironic that my first business, the nightclub, helped to keep people awake (customers, staff and sadly some neighbours - sorry). The second business, the Gro Company, helped children and parents get more sleep and now this next phase of my life seems to be about ‘waking up’ spiritually and helping others to wake up.


There seems to be some kind of sleep theme to my life! God, you are very amusing…



For anyone interested in the longer version, including what happened just south of Tiverton on the M5 motorway in 2011, read on…

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