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“It doesn't matter how long you have forgotten, only how soon you remember.”
The Buddha
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You are a beautiful, eternal soul having a precious human experience.
You may have forgotten this! You were meant to forget for a while, but now it's time to start remembering.


We are all beloved parts of One amazing multi-dimensional Universe. 
Let's all remember together, because we have suffered enough. It's time to come Home to ourselves and wake up. 

Metaphor to freedom cover.jpg
Metaphors to Freedom

My first adult book is now available on Kindle, worldwide!


This is a collection of all my favourite posts and inspired writings. 

Available on Kindle now.

February 2021

Rob Holmes is interviewed by 

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Kate Delaney, for her show 'America Tonight'. Listen to Rob talk about his books, 'The Little Drop of Water' and 'Master Owl Meets Miss Bunny'.


I love to share my awakening experiences.


My hope is that some of my words may be helpful to others on their spiritual journeys. 


They are only words of course, but the metaphors and analogies which seem to flow into me most days, can be useful rafts across a river, at which point they can be discarded (with gratitude!)





Rob Holmes


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